Forever Duke (Welcome #Duke2018)

13 Dec

Yesterday, 797 early decision applicants were notified of their acceptances to the Duke University Class of 2018.

As a recent graduate of Duke and volunteer interviewer for undergraduate admission, I have the opportunity to regularly talk about my Duke experiences with prospective students. The impact that Duke has made on my life and career goals is ineffable, and with each conversation I have about Duke, I grow even more nostalgic. And so, I dedicate this post to my alma mater, the greatest place on earth.

A very warm welcome to the Class of 2018, the new members of the Duke community! Remain open-minded and embrace all of the new opportunities that Duke has to offer. You are in for the best four years of your life. #ForeverDuke

Duke Graduation 2013

Standing Inside the Duke Chapel–Duke Graduation (May 2013)

Duke 2013 Graduation

Duke 2013 Graduation

Duke Chapel

In front of Duke Chapel with Brynne (December 2011)

Duke Chapel Homecoming Weekend

Posing in front of Duke chapel during homecoming weekend #ForeverDuke

Forever Duke

Best friend of four years #Pegram #ForeverDuke

–Rachel Safeek


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